Get Your Play On

Got play in YOUR partnership? When was the last time you…

  • Laughed a full belly laugh with your beloved?
  • Felt excited or even giddy about spending time with them?
  • Played a game together (or even better, made one up)?
  • Played “full out” in your relationship aiming not to avoid conflict but to enjoy connection?

Well then it’s time to get your play on! Not only is it almost Summer, but it’s also the “Season of Play” here at For Better Love.

What Game? The Game of a truly great relationship. Or as Raj and I like to call it, a P3, Playful, Peaceful, Passionate Relationship.

Get On The Court And PLAY FULL OUT

Because anyone in relationship knows, it takes something! A P3 Relationship does NOT happen on it’s own. You have to actually get in the game, on the court and PLAY FULL OUT.

Yes it takes something, but as Raj and I like to say “Wonderful is WORTH IT!”

One Game Raj and I like to play to create, (and re-create and re-create and re-create) our P3 Relationship is the “Diamond Mining” 90-Day Game.

We want to spend our time on moving TOWARDS what we want rather than wasting our energy on analyzing and dissecting conflicts (“problem pathologizing”), and pushing AWAY from what we don’t want.

So 3 times a year we set 90-Day goals for our relationship. It’s a Game for a GREAT relationship!

Each 90-Day Game, there’s a P3 Relationship “Season” that we focus on…

  • January to April – Season of PASSION
  • May to August – Season of PLAY
  • September to December – Season of PEACE

We get honest, clear and forward focused about what’s working and what could be “Even Better If” in those areas. We paint a picture of what we are willing to declare and commit to us making happen in the next 3 months.

We make this fun, positive and use themes to inspire and motivate us to keep our eyes on the prize and to resist the drain and drudgery of the default way of relating.

And then we play the “Game” full-out (Raj and I even check in weekly and score ourselves – we call it the “What’s So Report”).

PLAY IS A PATH To The Relationship Of Your Dreams

Now you don’t have to score yourselves or even create specific goals (although we HIGHLY recommend it – check out the Action Option below).

Just remember that PLAY IS A PATH to the relationship of your dreams. Lighten up, laugh and play games together.

Start dreaming and then nurture your forward focus. Keep your eyes on the prize. Get on the court and in action. Play full-out for what you want, a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship.

A little intention and open exploration matched with small yet consistent actions can be a game changer in bringing more play, peace and passion to your daily life with your beloved.

Don’t leave all that joy, relatedness and pleasure as fruit just rotting on the trees. It’s ripe for your picking and so juicy too!

Don’t stop there! Build the habit of playing Games in your relationship.

Go ahead and take a month “off” of playing your Relationship Game. Take some time to think about how the last Game went, what the new theme you might focus on and then do it all over again!

  1. EXPLORE: Come together and then take turns finishing the sentence... "One way to bring more play into our relationship might be..."
  2. ALIGN: Say "Oh I'm IN. Game ON!" if you are an enthusiastic yes. If not, still be gentle in waiving their suggestion off. Maybe "I'm not feeling that one. What else you got?" Do this until you each have at least 5 ideas that you would be game, to play a Game.
  3. DECLARE: Choose 1-4 ways to bring play into your relationship. Make them specific, measurable, inspiring and BE SURE you write them down. Don't forget to set yourselves up for success by scheduling reminders and posting visual prompts of what you said you wanted and would do.
  4. EVALUATE: At the end of the 90-Days, "complete" your Game by looking at how close you came to experiencing what you said you wanted. Celebrate ground taken and lessons learned.

Your Ally in Aiming for Awesome,

gaby and raj

1. Jasmine

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