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Get personalized coaching from Gaby through one of her programs designed to meet you and your relationship where you’re at now, while also nurturing an intentional and aspirational focus.


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playful relationship


Lighten up as you up-level your love life.

peaceful relationship


Tame tensions as you tune in to each other.

passionate relationship


Lean in to what lights you up as you instigate intimacy.

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Shift from fixing problems to fulfilling dreams.

How’s it going in your relationship? Fantastic? Fine? Maybe a friggin’ mess?

Perhaps you’re loving it and checking out this page because you’re in the Good to Great or the Awesome to Epic relationship category and you want to ensure it stays as PLAYFUL, PEACE and PASSIONATE as possible.

Often by the time you get around to doing something concrete about what you REALLY want in your relationship, there’s some cleanup to do first, BEFORE you can more forward.  No matter if you’re treading water to keep your head/heart afloat in your relationship or if you’re floating in the calm waters of connection, our coaching offerings have something for YOU in mind.

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Ready to Create an Inspiring Path Forward?

Yearning to Restore Connection?

Needing to Vent First?

Figuring out who is to blame is not helpful and actually hurts a lot. Focus on what you WANT rather than going over and over what you DON’T WANT.

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Our personalized coaching offerings START with creating an empowering guide towards the relationship of your dreams with the For Better Love Marriage Map. But we get it. Sometimes it takes things getting a little shitty to motivate action, so you may not be quite ready for the aiming for awesome focus just yet. We got you.

Ready to aim for awesome?

For Better Love Marriage Map

Starving to feel heard?     

Rift Residue Removal

Need to get the uglies out?

Venting for Victory

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Personalized Coaching Options

Be amazed at how quickly you can shift from a problem fixing focus to getting on the path to pursuing play, peace and passion together. But start where you are NOW and pick the offering that suites you and your relationship best.


For Better Love Marriage Map

Get clear about your ideal relationship, see where your desires and values align, then build an inspiring map forward together.  Finish this four session program with your own Couple Culture vision plus specific goals to fulfill on that vision.  Don't exhaust yourself “working” on your relationship. STOP focusing on FIXING problems and start enjoying the pursuit of what you both want. Use your For Better Love Marriage Map to aim for awesome.

Create Your Map
Couple holding stones combining it to make a heart image
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For Better Love 90 Day Game

Got your For Better Love Marriage Map clear? Great! Let’s take that from a lofty ideal and make it a tangible reality with our 90 Day Game. Get 12 weeks of support with 60-90 min video conference sessions – NOT to rehash the arguments of the week, but to realign with all you’re AIMING for, matched with direct coaching to move past any of the hurdles in getting there. Pre-Requisite: For Better Love Marriage Map (Can be done as DIY, Course, Course Plus or Full Limo Ride programs).


Rift Residue Removal

Over time, relationship residue can build up. If you let the little things layer, they can one day blow up. The distance between you grows and the frustration gets regular. When you’re stuck in the muck and need an assist out, this structured process will guide you through getting intentional and clear before you speak AND ensure you both feel truly HEARD, VALIDATED and EMPATHIZED with.

holding hands showing compassion

Venting for Victory

When you’re so pissed (or numb) that you can’t follow a structured empowered and empowering communication process like the Rift Reside Removal, then it might be time for Venting for Victory. Let it out! Get the uglies out. Do it! Just DON'T dump emotional vomit on each other. This offering is two 60-90 min  sessions, one with each individual so you can really let er’ rip.

Let it Out
Image Credit: Spyne

Argument Even-Better-If-ing

Now that the fight is “over,” if you’re like most people, you’re just glad it’s over, grateful you managed to get through it. Now you just want to put it behind you, forget about it and MOVE ON. But BEWARE! Moving ON might be terribly tempting, yet moving FORWARD is faaaaaaaaaar more faaaaaaaaabulous. AND it will save you tons of time, heartaches and headaches-galore in the future too!

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Bonus Offerings

Occasionally we have additional bonus offerings based on what's most needed. If you're looking for something you can't find here, please take this SERVICE SURVEY so we can fold your needs and desires into our future offerings.


Va-Va-Vows Visioning

If you're getting married or having a vow renewal, check out our personalized, pleasurable and even playful process for creating vows that WOW you now and WOO you later. Make writing your vows a special experience rather than an overwhelming task.  Don't let your vows be just something you once said. Keep them alive and expressed by creating this fabulous foundation.

Vision your vows
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Our Testimonials

“This was perfect for me. Having a framework to proceed from and narrowing down to the core critical commitments is a huge joy and relief.”


Las Vegas NV

"I'm feeling pretty empowered by it all. Super grateful."


Sebastopol CA

"This has been productive and enjoyable. We're making progress and accomplishing our goals."


Germantown TN

"Gaby really focuses on building a framework for possibility, and I think that is what most couple relationships are lacking. Her work is exciting and cutting edge. It allows for couples to think about relating in an entirely different way."


Dallas TX

"I appreciate the real time and in flow instruction on how to have a difficult conversation so I can develop the muscle to talk about these kinds of things."


Culver City CA