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Translate your relationship complaints into constructive goals and turn your lofty visions into everyday realities.
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Looking for something quick and free? Read our blogs and watch our Quick Tip Video Clips for you easy-access-onramps to discovering how to Keep the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty in your relationship. All content is categorized for WHEN you’ll need that tip the most. Consider this your one stop shop for top tips on what to do Before, As It Starts, During or After having an argument or getting it on.

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Want to dive a little deeper at your own pace? Plow through a course or take it slowly, it’s up to you. You set the pace and pick the device of your choice.  Explore our courses on communication, connection and creating an intentional Couple Culture. Whether you’re struggling with how it is between you right now or you’re seeking to set yourselves up to thrive in the future, we’ve got a course for you.

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Ready for some personalized support with our specific programs? Get coaching from Gaby through one of her programs designed to meet you and your relationship where you’re at now, while also nurturing an intentional aspirational focus. If you need to vent, be heard, feel empathized with or you want to create an inspiring vision you’re both excited about, then set up a no cost consult call now.

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Interested in more play, peace and passion in your relationship?  You’ll score points with these fun and feisty props. Tame the fighting tension and turn on the sexy tension with these products specially curated for helping couples Keep the Fights Clean & the S❤x Dirty. Plus there’s even a section on pro-active products for setting your intentions and aligning your aspirations. Get in on these goodies today.

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Raj and I know full well that we could rave about a Playful, Peaceful, Passionate Relationship until the cows come home, still it might seems a little too pie in the sky to you. So don’t take it from us, check out the Love, Praise & High-5s that we’re getting.

"Most "relationship work" is heavy, dramatic and complaint focused, but with Gaby and Raj it's refreshingly light, fun and focused on what we REALLY want."

Jasmine & Tobin
Northampton, MA

"Gaby and Raj bring brand new perspective to resolving relationship conflict that’s fresh, fun, full of love and creates deep intimacy between the couples."

Sacha & Scott
Toronto, Canada

"I have a safe platform to express how I am feeling and where I want to move forward. Boy it just makes such a difference to have that to come to."

Denver, CO

"Gaby and Raj really do know how to help you find the fun, excitement and connection inside your relationship.  They share their brilliance in simple, compassionate ways that makes it easy to implement."

Morgan & Cher
Boulder CO

"I'm so grateful that I feel like all of my needs have been addressed. I feel so good about this process."

Laguna CA

10! Awesome! Life changing! Amazing!

Denver, CO

"Always a 10. I have a safe platform to express how I am feeling and where I want to move forward. Boy it just makes such a difference to have that to come to."

Denver, CO