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Go from a BLAMING and fixing focus
to an aiming for AWESOME approach

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For Better Love Marriage Map

Join us for our live step-by-step walk through on how to create your own individual visions, shared vision, specific goals plus a marriage mantra.  All in one 90 min Masterclass!
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Live and love from a clear vision of what you want, THEN look at the “problems” ONLY as to how they might get in the way of what you really want.

Wouldn't it be easier, more enjoyable and so much less draining to focus on SOLUTIONS rather than getting "stuck in the muck" or dissecting dramas?

Can you imagine

Can you imagine the difference in your relationship and day to day life if you were focused as allies aiming for awesome rather than adversaries at odds over every little thing?

When one beloved blames, the other beloved defends. It’s relationship math. Then you’re on a slippery slope that can easily turn a misunderstanding or bad day into a messy fight with deep and lasting impact.


It may seem counterintuitive, but STOP
trying to fix your relationship problems.  
Instead, start aiming for awesome.  
Keep your eyes on the PRIZE, not the problems.

You can INVEST in INTIMACY with a forward focus by a
For Better Love Marriage Map

invest in intimacy
When you create a For Better Love Marriage Map you set your relationship up for a major shift from fixing problems as adversaries to aiming for awesome as allies.

Choose to create more play, peace and passion in your relationship and lean IN to love!  

ENOUGH "problem pathologizing".  Embark on a step-by-step, super-supported adventure that will keep you focused on what you want and stop you from wasting your finite energy on arguing about everything you DON’T want.
The problems will get handled. Just from a different perspective - as obstacles to the actual goal, not the problems being the focus themselves.

The Problem with Focusing on Problems

It is normal, natural and even understandable to want to fix what isn’t working. Yet it can often be draining, polarizing and detrimental to what you actually want. Focusing on problems is an unhealthy habit and there is a price to pay.

Blaming, shaming, complaining and criticising

Your communication pulls you apart and sets you up as adversaires

Fears and frustrations fill your day (the fights are “dirty”)

Not hot for each other (the sex is “clean” or not even happening)

Don’t care much about each other’s happiness / winning is for one

Feeling unsafe, unaccepted or unappreciated

Not trusting each other

Sadness and hopelessness over the state of your relationship

Others notice the quality of your love - your relationship is a source of embarrassment. (“That” couple)

Don’t like each other or your life very much

The Benefits to Aiming
for Awesome

While those behaviors on the left are all way too common, they are not helpful nor enjoyable.  It takes something to shift from fixing a problem to aiming for awesome, yet the rewards are immense.

Problem solving is a natural byproduct of your efforts

Your communication brings you together and sets you up as allies

The fights are “clean”

You’re hot for each other and the sex is “dirty”

You care about each other’s happiness - It’s win-win or no deal

You feel safe to express yourself fully and to be fully accepted.

You feel seen, heard, appreciated and cared about.

You trust each other.

Others notice the quality of your love - your relationship is a source of inspiration. (“It” couple)

You don’t just love each other, you like each other and your life

Identify your ideal individual relationship vision, see where your ideals align, then build a map and set meaningful goals. Then play full out to make them a reality.

Sign up for this FREE MASTERCLASS where you’ll get step-by-step instruction on how to create your own vision and goals today.

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Your ally
in aiming for awesome,

This is a must attend if you've been
focusing on problems...

Blaming, shaming, complaining and criticizing

Communication pulls you apart and sets you up as adversaries

Fears and frustrations fill your day (the fights are “dirty”)

You’re turned off more than on - the sex is “clean” or not happening

You don’t care much about each other’s happiness - winning is for one

You feel unsafe, unaccepted or suppressed with each other.

You feel unseen, dismissed, unappreciated or uncared for.

You lose trust in each other and break connection together.

Your relationship is a source of embarrassment - You’re “That” couple

You get sad and hopeless over the state of your relationship and life