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Mastering of Mini Seductions for Mighty Fine Sexy Time

If you are like most couples, you likely have a full and busy life. A lot to think about, manage, juggle and stretch.

Often by the time you get to bed, sex and intimacy might seem a million miles away. The “on ramp” to awesome sex might seem like a long arduous task rather than an easy-access experience you can truly enjoy.

It is safe to say that super satisfying sex is not going to magically burst into your busy life and wrench you away from your email, to do lists, family, etc.

This tip is all about NOT waiting for bedtime, or the right time, or to be “in the mood”.

It’s about “putting out the vibe” regularly, cultivating sexiness, so that the “on ramps” to having sex are short and easy to access as opposed to a long, winding, uphill transitions with a mile long to do list in the way.

If You Keep The Coals Glowing, It’s Easier To Start A Fire

Mastering Mini Seductions is about building a muscle in enjoying yourself and your partner in your day-to-day experiences. And they don’t have to take hardly any time at all. Seconds in fact!

If you keep the coals glowing, it’s easier to start a fire. Keep the suggestion and space of sensuality and sex present, alive so the ON-RAMP TO INTIMACY isn’t some long windy staircase to a far off land.

At any moment, you have limitless choices on how to communicate (or generate), attraction for your partner and share a moment of looking forward to a time where you can express that more fully.

If you take advantage of these opportunities and express love, affection and attraction in your daily life, then the “on ramps” to an awesome sex life become much easier to access.

AND you get to enjoy the Mini Seduction in the moment too.


Note that you must first find out exactly WHAT has your partner feel sexy and seduced and not put upon, pressured or distracted.

You want them to feel turned on and create a sense of anticipation, not leave them feeling intruded on, hijacked, or blind sided.

And while you are at it, find out not just they what, but the WHEN. This is not about forcing unwanted sexual energy on your partner. It is about nurturing a spirit of play, intimacy and passion.

When Raj or I are doing some day to day task, like the cooking or doing the dishes, a Mini Seduction might come in the form of a kiss of the back of the neck, or a whisper of how beautiful he thinks I am, or how hot he is for me.

Or when he leans into the grocery cart to pick up a bag of groceries to put in the trunk, I give him a bit of an ass grab.

When we are at a red light in the car or at a crosswalk on the street, we call out “kissing break” and enjoy a kiss while we wait.

We even have our own special whistle for each other.

Or one of my favorites – When Raj comes up behind me, whispers in my ear, then gives me a gentle, yet firm hair tug with a soft kiss as my neck is arched back. Yum.

A Little Ass Grab Goes A Long Way!

These micro moments are juicy in of themselves, but what they make possible is keeping the path to pleasure between you and your partner well worn and easy to pursue.

Keeping the feelings of attraction and intimacy open throughout our daily lives has helped Raj and I by putting an end to having being sexual with each other seem so far off or like a big shift was needed to “get into it.”

We can be sexy with each other at any time. And the more we do these 30-60 second mini-seductions, the easier it is for us to take the short on ramp to an awesome, hot, intimate sex life when we do have a “window of opportunity”.

Mini Seductions are a double bonus too – Not only do you get to have sex more often, the in between time is WAY sexier! This makes for an all around more playful, peaceful and passionate, P3 Relationship.

As Raj and I like to say… A little ass grab goes a long way!



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