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101 Nights of Great Sex: Sealed Secrets Seduction

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101 Nights of Great Sex is an accessible, pleasurable playbook that encourages both partners to become experts in the art of anticipation and seduction. 101 Nights of Great Sex is comprised of 101 envelopes–50 for Her, 50 for Him, and one for both of you. Review Goop.com – Gwyneth Paltrow “This is not just another sex book. 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex uses ‘secret sealed seductions’ with special instructions for a love task or favor that each partner tears out and completes for one another. Sounds simple but the anticipation and mystery makes even the smallest gestures pretty thrilling.”OwningPink.com – Lissa Rankin, MD OB/GYN “As an OB/GYN and blogger, 101 Nights is one of my most frequently recommended books. I prescribe it to patients suffering from decreased libido, recommend it to mentoring clients seeking more pleasure, and blog about it as a way to explore the true desires of your authentic sensual self. Plus, (don’t tell my mother!), my own copy of 101 nights is well loved, tattered, and torn up. My husband thanks you!”Men’s Perspective Magazine “Author Laura Corn has hit on an amazingly simple wonder. Virtually none of these ‘recipes’ is unheard of, but it is the simplicity of putting them into the ‘time release’ format which is a touch of brilliance here. The tease factor involved is incredible.” USA Today “In bedrooms around the nation, couples are examining sealed suggestions from Laura Corn’s book, 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex. The book presents 50 suggestions for him and 50 for her, as well as a final suggestion for the couple. Each playful tip comes in a sealed Envelope that the reader pulls out from the book. The major problem in the bedroom is simply boredom, Corn says. She designed her book to be a ‘course in the erotic arts.’ The sealed envelope adds an element of surprise and anticipation. GOOD HOUSEKEEPING “This is oodles of fun! This book guarantees discovery, innovation and debate—and when your sex life’s worth chatting about, you know you’re making progress.” Read more From the Author Click here for Author’s Page: Laura Read more See all Editorial Reviews

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