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Couples Memory Game

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A Couples game, that will let you revive the passion in your sex life. A naughty sex game that is a perfect sexy and kinky gift and sexy anniversary gift. This would also be a unique and naughty Steak and BJ day's gift, that men love. “Sex Memory Game” is a kinky sex game, the perfect solution if you have been together only briefly and are still too shy to share your desires. Or maybe together so long, that the passion has fizzled? This game I created together with my husband to bring back sparkle into our relationships :) Since it is a game where both players win, it will be a perfect sexy gift for him or a naughty gift for her. On some busy evenings when there is no time to play the entire game - game cards could be used as sex coupons (with mature content). This adult board game is intended to help couples reignite a sex life that’s become routine and try things that have been for forgotten or never even thought of. Simple and breathtaking to play – less preparation, more pleasure. On evenings when you just want to forget about everything, or on a holiday – this game will give your evening a new edge. The activities won’t be extreme or unconventional, but the emotions will be. We hope that this game will ignite your flame and get you and your partner closer, both physically and emotionally. It can be a great sexy anniversary gift for a Birthday gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend. We recommend it as well as a sexy gift for couples, or a naughty honeymoon gift.

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