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Stale, Predictable & Boring

One of the most common complaints we hear when someone is unsatisfied with their sex life with their beloved is that it can, little by little, get stale, predictable, and some even say, boring.

Which sucks because that leads to you having less and less sexy-time and becoming more and more separate and ultimately even roommate like. Not to mention you also miss out on enjoying all of that exciting, fun, healing & hot sexy-time.

WAY Too Good To Give Up On

Super satisfying sexy-time is WAY too good to give up on.

AND it’s good for you in soooooo many ways. Not just for the relationship either. For your own sense of self, self-expression, connection to your primal animal, physical stress release, better sleep, mortality, creativity, and on and on…

Even if your sexy-time is far from boring, still staying alert & ahead of the game and keeping it fresh, fun and flirty is a VERY good idea.

Only good things can come of it!

The Itch For “Best-Eva-Sexy-Time”

Raj and I have been gettin-it-on for almost a decade now. And we DID start to notice a “routine” creeping in and at some point, sexy-time wasn’t quite as sexy anymore.

We knew about the traditional cliche of the “seven-year itch” where couples begin to lose interest in each other.

That was NOT the route for us, so we set out to create our own itch. An itch to at least every 90 days have “best-eva-sexy-time.” Sure we have plenty more in between, but at least once every 3 months we agreed that it would be the best we’d ever had.

Busy For Better Love FBL Booty Before Breki

The Herculean Hurdle of Time & Energy

I know – this is no small order. Plenty of hurdles between here and there. Still, it’s a Game WORTH playing. And Raj and I are going to make it even easier for you to move past what gets in the way.

One of the main hurdles we discovered around gettin-it-on was the issue of time and energy.

Life was so busy and full and we worked so passionately during the day, often together side-by-side.

So by the time we got to relaxing, we were pooped.

By the time we got in bed together at night, we were often still in a business mindset and challenged with how to re-engage at that intimate level.

When IS A Good Time for Sexy-Time?

So we brainstormed (and researched) a ton of ideas on how to find a better time to fool around then just before we went to sleep at night.

One great time for “gettin jiggy with it” you might consider is the hour of the day when the male and female’s peak sex drive intersects. He’s more about the am, she’s more about the pm. Hey… hey… Afternoon Delight!

Couple in bed feet For Better Love FBL Booty Before Breki

Booty Before Breki

I love a little Afternoon Delight, still, the best thing we discovered about the best times for getting frisky was all the research around why sexy-time in the morning time is so darn good for you and your relationship.

Raj and I call this Booty Before Breki.

Yes – the REAL breakfast of champions! We certainly feel like champions starting our day with a romp in the hay.

Now I get it, you might have kids, or have to work early or whatever other reason/excuse is rolling around in your mind right now.

Still, if you MAKE time and space for this to happen every once in awhile, it can be not only rocket fuel for your relationship, but for how your whole day too!

It Makes Sense

In many ways morning time sexy-time just makes sense.

For one, you’re already there, in bed together. Sure you were both there last night, yet you were exhausted. Now you’ll have slept and even if it was not quite as much as you’d like, it’s more rested than the night before.

Plus it’s easier in that there’s no need to get gussied up and no pressure for looking good.

Now if you do worry about how you look in the am, remember it’s the golden hour! That light in the morning (and at sunset) is called the golden hour for a reason – it’s very flattering and even a bit majestic.

A Sexy Twist

If you’re into exercise, another sexy twist on Booty Before Breki is what Raj and I like to do sometimes…

We wake up, do a 30 min workout together, take a quick shower, go back to bed and fool around and THEN have breakfast.

That way we wake up a bit, we get turned on by seeing each other work out (me working out, which is usually NOT my thing, REALLY turns Raj on) and get cleaned up a bit for before intimate explorations.

Fun, Flirty & Feisty

Breakfast takes on a whole new flavor. More fun, flirty, feisty. Knowing glances across the table. Just a fantastic way to start the day. Like I said, breakfast for champions!

So go off into your day in a good mood with a skip in your step and a secret in your pocket. Enjoy some Booty Before Breki and start the day off right!

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Let’s play passion!

1. Talk to your beloved about Booty Before Breki and all the benifits of sexy-time in the morning time. Invite theme to "play a Game WORTH playing."

2. Consider what your hurdles or concerns are about having Booty Before Breki.

3. Brainstorm how to reduce or remove the hurdles and set yourself up for success.

4. Enjoy Booty Before Breki, a pep in your step and a very good day!

Your Ally in Aiming for Awesome,

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