BLOG: Initiate Inertia – Tend To Your Garden Or Weeds WILL Grow

Tend to Your Garden, Or Weeds WILL Grow

Seduction starts WAY earlier than most think.

In fact, it’s happening ALL the time. Adam Gilad and his wife Sandy call it 24 hour foreplay (hear all about it in Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV Season 1, Episode #8).

The way you relate to your partner ALL-DAY-LONG creates your relationship environment.

That environment will determine if when together, you can easily drop the stressors of the day and slow down and soften into intimacy and passion with each other, or if that environment will be a barrier to intimacy, a herculean hurdle to find your way back to being hot for each other again.

Let’s Get Personal

For Better Love Quote  Things in motion, Stays in motion

OK, time to get personal…It’s the only place any of this really matters.

Are YOU tending to your sexual relationship these days?

Are YOU cultivating an environment where having a hot and healthy sex life is natural, easy and fun?

Or have YOU let the garden go, so-to-speak?.

Are YOU investing your intention, attention and actions, or are YOU unconsciously allowing weeds to take over?

Maybe it’s not as bad as all that. Still, it’s likely there are at least SOME gaps between where you want your sex life to be and where it is.

Where are YOU right now on that spectrum between actively nurturing your sexual relationship and being a bit lackadaisical about it?

Maybe you’re even losing sight of how important a healthy and hot sex life is to not only your relationship, but also to your general vitality, confidence and joy?

If there’s any gap between where you WANT your intimate relationship to be and where it ACTUALLY is, then it’s time to do something.

And if there is a BIG gap, then it is time to do something NOW.

Things In Motion – Stay In Motion

Initiate Inertia

Inertia – that LAW in physics that has PROVEN that things in motion tend to STAY in motion. And, things at rest tend to STAY at rest.

It’s a law in physics and it applies here too!

Have you ever noticed that if it’s been awhile since you’ve had sex with your beloved, that you kind of get used to it a little? The mind might say “It’s not a big deal.”

Or worse it becomes out-of sight-out-of-mind and your attitude towards sex starts drifting dangerously towards “would-be-nice” or worse…“whatever”.

For Better Love Quote - It takes SOMETHING to shift out of "WHATEVER" into "WOW!"

Then when you DO have sex even once, your libido gets stirred up, leaving you wanting more, right?

That’s inertia.

It TAKES SOMETHING to shift out of “Whatever” into “Wow!”

In many ways it doesn’t matter WHAT you do to breathe life into your sex life. What matters is that you do SOMETHING. ANYTHING!

It shows you care. It shows your intention. You’re at least in action and therefore more likely to then take MORE action.

Just START! Initiate Inertia!

Imperfect, Inspired Action

If there’s already a deep distance between you and your beloved and sex has seemed like a SHOULD do rather than something you really WANT to do, then taking action now may feel like pushing a huge boulder up hill.

You might feel like there’s a long way to go between here and there. It might even seem daunting.

Yet once you are IN motion, as the LAW says, then the momentum can really GET GOING.

It gets easier and easier until soon it seems like it’s almost smooth sailing towards ANYTHING you and your partner want to create together, in bed or otherwise!

A Game Worth Playing

Having a passionate, hot, healthy sex life is a Game worth playing. Even if you strike out a few times, you’re sure to have some fun. As they say “Aim for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll reach the stars.”

Just get started by taking the simple steps outlined in our Action Option below, and initiate some Intimacy Inertia TODAY!

Raj and I, along with our awesome interviewees Scott Destephanis & Sacha Lalla will be talking about how to Keep the Sex Dirty – BEFORE, with a focus on key tips to support YOU in Initiating Inertia in your sex life.

Remember – It’s not about the outcome, it’s about being in ACTION. Initiate Inertia! And, as we like to say, a little intention, attention and action, consistently over time, goes a VERY long way.

      1. Ask yourself what's "at rest" in in your sexual relationship that YOU want
      to put "in motion" right now?
      2. Write down 3 ideas about how to get started to put what you want INTO
      3. Write down 3 potential pitfalls that will take what you want OUT of motion.
      4. Write down 3 ideas on how to KEEP what you want IN motion over time.
      5. Pick on idea you can put in place in the next hour. One in the next 24
      hours. One in the next week.

Your Ally in Aiming for Awesome,

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