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Simple, Not Easy

Feeling stuck? Frustrated? Yearning for more between you? Maybe you’re doing great and you just have some questions on what’s next for you in Loving Better

Relationships aren't that easy, (especially if they end up on autopilot). Yet they CAN be SIMPLE. There ARE tools, habits and Games to play - all of which make it easier to enjoy a healthy, happy and hot relationship.  

Got Questions?

  • Don’t know what to say so it “lands” and makes a difference?
  • Having a repeat conflict you want to unhook from?
  • Want to create something new together, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Bring your relationship questions. Come get answers!

Of course I certainly do NOT have all the answers or even the right answer, certainly not all the time, yet I DO have an excellent track record, tons of tried and true tips and a lot of happy clients.  

No Cost Coaching

I get that personalized relationship coaching may be out of reach for many couples so here’s an opportunity for coaching at zero cost, tailored to what YOU want to know about most.

Go Ask Gaby!

I have a strong commitment to support YOU in having the most playful, peaceful, passionate relationship possible. So lay those questions on me! 

Send in your questions during the week.  Then I’ll go through all the questions, look for themes and top topics of interest.  I’ll do the thinking, research and even bring in my husband Raj or other special guests to answer your relationship questions. 

Why Ask Gaby? 

Even though I have Masters in Education with an emphasis in counseling and guidance and I’ve been studying, (and PRACTICING), the science of happiness and success for over thirty years now, it has been the messy to magical shift between my husband and I over our 15 years together that has prepared me to field your questions about fights, flirting - and whatever else is or isn’t going on in your relationship. Want to know more about me? Check out the Credentials Page.

Ask Away!

Ask us anything! How to keep the fights clean? How to keep the sex dirty? What is UP in your relationship right now? What’s NEXT for you two? 


Catch the ANSWERS with the Go Ask Gaby Couples Q&A every Thursday 

Get in on personalized coaching with top tips and specific tools for creating more... 

  • PLAY to inspire your joy
  • PEACE to deepen your partnership
  • PASSION to evolve your intimacy 

Lean IN to Loving Better today. Ask a question! 

  1. Consider where you would most like support/what is your question.
  2. Fill out this form HERE.
  3. Catch the answers every Thursday on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Share the Couples Q&A- Spread the love!  
  5. Apply the tips, pick your prompts and practice, practice, practice.
  6. Let us know how it went. 


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Your Ally in Aiming for Awesome,

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