BLOG: 6 Questions to Tune Into Your Turn On for Each Other

If you want more PASSION in your relationship, start TALKING about passion!

Tune IN to your turn ON, set yourself up for s£xiness and start talking about PASSION today.

Raj and I are always playing games to Love Better. One game we like to play during the Season of Passion is designed to just keep us in the conversation about what turns us on about each other and life. 

Playing this game, engaging in this conversation, even once a week has brought so much more vitality, excitement and enjoyment to our relationship, our s£x life and our lives in general. 

Try it out and see what the conversations turn up for YOU!

We call it the For Better Love PASSION CHECK IN CHALLENGE card, but really you don’t have to do it daily. Find a flow that works for you and your beloved. 

My husband and I just leave our sheet on the fridge. As we’re cooking dinner, or at dinner, we’ll pull the sheet off the fridge, ask the six questions, tune into our turn on for each other and life, score  each one and enter the average on the calendar provided. 

At the end of the month and at the end of the Season of Passion, we’ll review the scores and talk about new pathways to experiencing more passion together and individually in our lives. You can also modify this into a 7 Day Challenge and ask these questions every day for 7 days. 

It doesn’t matter if you do it every day for a week or one day a month for three months, just experiment with it and make it your own

The core element of this game is to just keep talking about what lights you up. Staying connected to that for yourself and with each other is a critical factor in enjoying lasting play, peace and passion in your relationship. 

It’s WAY too easy for the passion for each other or for life to slip away. It WILL slip away, unless YOU cultivate it. Life is busy, stressful and not pulling for your passion to be alive and expressed. Let’s face it, deep intimacy and great s£x will not just fall into your lap. YOU have to look for it, make time for it and talk about it... IF you want to live a passionate life and to be passionately in love that is.

Don’t wait for your beloved. Generate it yourself. Inspire action in your beloved with YOUR action. Make it a game. Have fun. Don’t make yourself or them wrong. Just engage, discuss, explore as you evolve towards what excites and delights you the most. 

Here are the six For Better Love PASSION CHECK IN CHALLENGE questions. Use these or make up your own. Just keep talking about passion!

❤ Did we PRACTICE our Mini Seductions

❤ Did we CREATE down time together?

❤ Were we LIT UP by our day?

❤ Did we get TURNED ON by each other?

❤ Did we SHARE our turn on?

❤ Was PASSION present?

Bonus: Set a few goals, create new games as you discuss passion and your path to pursue it together. You might notice your first passion score is below a 5, so set a goal of getting it to a 7.5. Look at the questions and your scores for hints as to where to focus your intention, attention and action to make a delightful difference in your relationship.  

Score yourselves for fun, but the point is to just start talking about passion. 

❤ Print out this PDF of the Passion Check In Challenge questions and scoring sheet. Post it on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

❤ Save this jpg to your phone home screen or this one as your computer screensaver.

❤ Pull it off the fridge or look at your phone daily, weekly - whatever works for you and play full out. Ask the questions, score yourselves and set new goals.

❤ BONUS: Find another couple or a coach to support you in checking in regularly and moving your goals around passion forward.

Your Ally in Aiming for Awesome,

gaby and raj

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