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Picnic Basket

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【Picnic Basket with All You Need】The willow picnic basket by WICKERLAND includes 2 X Stainless steel flatware with plastic handle in a roll-up pouch, 2 X 7”Ceramic plates, 2 X REAL Wine Glasses (not cheap plastic one), 1 X Wine opener, 1 X Salt & Pepper shaker , 1 X durable waterproof picnic blanket. Measures 16.5 “wide x 10.2 deep x 7.8” high 【Machine Washable & Waterproof Blanket】This oversize 57”x 51” matching color picnic blanket is completely waterproof and sand proof, it protects you against sand, dirt wet grass while you enjoy your picnic. Machine Washable makes it easy to clean, not as others only Wipe with a damp cloth 【Special and Unique Lids】This English Style wicker picnic hamper with dual-lid design for easy access to food, wine, cheese. Two lids are locked by high-quality artificial leather fasten 【Traditional English Style Shape】Most of the picnic baskets are suitcase style, when you carry it, everything inside will overturn and totally all in mess, the strong willow handle of this traditional English style basket is on the top, it’s strong and efficacious if you pick it up arbitrary with your hand, the wine inside won’t sprinkle. 【Perfect Gift for Housewarming or Wedding】 This picnic set comes with almost everything you could possibly need for the perfect outing. Let you have a pleasant holiday, also it is the smart gift for anniversary, holiday, festival, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Mother Day, Father Day, Valentine's Day and birthday.

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