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LED Color-Changing Light Bulbs

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This is a LED color-changing light bulb with remote control. It is very easy to operate and easy to adjust brightness. It fits multi-purpose in life. It has warm white for daily illumination, 2700K, CRI>85, equivalent to 85W, 1200lm. There are 9 RGB colors and 6 modes for mood and decoration as well. In addition, it comes with a 2-year-warranty, a 90-day-refund guarantee ensuring high-quality standards applied and friendly customer service provided. The bulbs are available in 10 colors and 6 modes (Flash, Strobe, Smooth, Warm, Fresh, Romantic). With 7 kinds of brightness adjustable, we can set the right atmosphere at any time to reflect different emotions. It can memorize the last static color or dynamic mode we used. Synchronization is an amazing choice, it is ideal for environments where multiple bulbs, such as fanlights, downlights, chandeliers, etc., are used together. When we use dynamic mode, the rhythm of the color changing of the bulb can be consistent. It is a Low light decay design. Warm white use 16 beads 1W high-brightness LED chips; Reduce the current and increase lumens per watt; Reduce the light decay and extend the life of LED bulbs. No need to connect the timer, after finishing the setting, it will automatically turn on and off every day. We can install in corridors, courtyards, or other outdoor environments, which will make life more convenient

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