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Spark Passion: 50 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life. This red-hot box of prompts is designed to ignite passion in and out of the bedroom. It features 50 steamy activities printed on faux matchsticks, making it a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or any time the sexual spark needs kindling. The beautiful box slides open to reveal the decorative matchsticks, making it an eye-catching package for your special someone. In addition to its attractive appearance, this box also offers a unique approach to spicing up your sex life. By bringing fun, humor, and spontaneity into the bedroom, it provides a creative way to shake up your sexual routine and make sparks fly. The sample prompts included in the box encourage couples to share secrets or fantasies with each other, set up a sexy scavenger hunt, or focus on foreplay. Each box includes 50 kraft-paper faux matchsticks in a foil-stamped box tray with a sleeve.

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