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Anniversary / Date Night Box

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Lovebox for passionate couples - steamy adult board game, blindfold, love card, and feather for some teasing and tickling – perfect anniversary gift for couples. *** WHAT DOES THE STEAMY ANNIVERSARY BOX CONTAIN? *** ♥ LOVE BATTLESHIP GAME – Romantic game for couples, including playful activities for couples to build anticipation and explore each other’s desires. ♥ BLINDFOLD – Because being blindfolded highlights all the other senses. The sensations you feel, tastes you encounter, and scents you smell all become much more intense. Enjoy! ♥ LOVE CARD WITH SCRATCH-OFF – “I love you” card “I will always be by your side. Or under you. Or on top” with lovely gifts under the scratch-offs. ♥ LITTLE FEATHER for teasing and tickling ♥ Little ‘I love you’ message with love quote ♥ Silk paper & cardboard box Relax and let the game guide you through the pleasure of love. We have so many decisions to make during our daily routines, so this game is a fun way of exploring each other and relaxing after a hard day. Switch off the internet connection and Wi-Fi and enjoy each other’s company. Remember, Life is too short not to do it dirty.

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