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15-Minute Heart-Shaped Sandglass

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This heart-shaped sandglass Glass material, crystal clear, simple, and with beautiful lines. It is a hand-made moving luster, making the decoration of the space full of vitality. The hourglass timer is heart-shaped. It is durable and the sand inside it is fine and as bright as the stars. It is delicate and silky, and will seamlessly flow on the other side allowing it to vividly interpret the flow of time. This timer can be used for cooking, playing games, in classrooms, while learning, and even during exercising. This will help you develop a strong sense of time. It is a useful timing tool that can provide the best time frame for work and rest. It will help you develop and improve a strong sense of time and work efficiency. Hourglass is a very effective visual reminder that helps to improve concentration and time management while giving you the ability to see the passage of time.

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