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PLAYBOOK: Va Va Vows Visioning

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Va Va Vows Visioning PLAYbook - CREATE VOWS that WOW you NOW and Woo you later! Turn a high pressure task into a deeply pleasurable experience. You're getting married! Congratulations! I know, there's A LOT going on, a lot to do, a lot of opinions, requests and sooooo much to manage logistically and emotionally. If it has been a stressful experience, please know it's not YOU. The very nature of weddings can be really difficult. It can easily get overwhelming. You might even find yourselves stressed about things you thought would bring you joy. How sad it would be to let writing your wedding vows become a strain, stress or pressure. This is a once in a lifetime, sacred, purposeful act! That's why I created this PLAYbook to turn a high pressure project like writing your wedding vows into a deeply pleasurable experience instead. Enjoy this guided experience to not only create wedding vows that WOW you AND your guests when you get married, they'll also WOO you into keeping your vows alive and in ACTION year after year. This PLAYbook puts you and your marriage on the path to more play, peace and passion. There's no need to drift into the disastrous default mode when you have not only vows that wow when you wed, but structures, prompts and Games to keep you engaged and growing TOGETHER over time too. Use this investment in intimacy activity to uncover what matters to you BOTH and what promises you're inspired and committed to living into.

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