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USB Star Night Light

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A little lighting can go a very long way. Especially a little light like this one! It's small in size yet big in impact. Plus it has so many modes to it including HEARTS! It even has a sound-activated function where the colors will change according to the beats of music. The USB star night light has multiple functions. It's sound-activated. It has 3 Colors and 9 Lighting Modes. It comes with a USB Plug. Choose from 9 light modes: Blue, Red, Blue&Red combination, Blue&red flashes simultaneously, Voice-activated red light, Voice-activated Blue light, Voice-activated Red&Blue light, Red flashing, Blue flashing, Blue or red Combination flash. It's up to you and your mood!). Just by turning the head of the lamp, the pattern of the light can be changed as you wish. The light even reacts to clapping, speaking, and laughing (as long as you're close enough to the light). It's simple to use just by pressing once to change the lighting effect. Press it seven times to turn it off, and press it again to turn it on. Plus you can take it just about anywhere since the star night light can be powered instantly by a power bank, car interior USB port, computer, etc. Just plug in a USB slot and it's done. The built-in protection board in the center of the lamp is perfect security protection, making it more at ease to use. Create ambiance on the go or turn it on to tune into each other at home, just use this light to instigate some intimacy and play today.

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