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Mystery Date Card Ideas

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52 Date Ideas for Couples Who Want to Stay at Home and Chill. Enjoy some time together with a new activity you don't normally do 52 Conversation Starters to Break Up Your Routine: Each card has a conversation starter to go with your date idea so you can start to learn more about your partner Get Out of Your Date Night Rut Without Leaving Home: If you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over again at home, it’s time for some spontaneity. Use these cards to be given a random date night idea to help you connect and see each other in a new light in the comfort of your own home. Simple to Use: Check the icons on the cards for clues about how much the date will cost, how long it will take and if you need any prep. Once you pick a card, scratch it off and let your in-house adventure begin Dates Range from Silly to Romantic: Embrace the unknown to help you connect with your partner with silly games and heartfelt activities

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