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PLAYBOOK: Marriage Meetings

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Don’t let the functional tasks in life rob you of the flirty and fun in your relationship. The Magic of Marriage Meetings is REAL! Build Marriage Meetings into the fabric of your day-to-day lives. Explore the options to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual meetings and find a flow that supports you, your marriage and your lives. Check out this PLAYbook with the variety of meetings we've made into our healthy habits and choose what seems like a helpful next step for your marriage. Start small, explore and find your ideal flow for handling the functional and leaving yourselves room for some flirting and fun. Go through the PLAYbook in the way that works best for you and your beloved. You've got options! (See the following instruction pages). Keep an eye out for the alerts and get support as needed.

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Hi, I'm Gaby

I have Masters degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance and 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, it is my own “messy-to-magical” marriage that allows my relationship guidance to be so spot on. My innovative methods are fiercely forward focused, gently shifting any negativity into concrete action steps. I'm a wiz at supporting couples in not just digging themselves out of a relationship ditch, but cultivating a couple culture of "aiming for awesome".

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