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Massage for Couples

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Discover a deeper connection with your partner through the healing power of massage. Touch is a powerful thing, especially between beloveds. Move beyond a bad day without words. Bridge the gap of any distance that has grown between you. Access new levels of connection and intimacy while you unwind together through touch. Educate yourselves on the simple easy ways you can lower stress and increase connection through touch and massage - even while you're just hanging out. There’s nothing like the stress-relieving, mood-lifting comfort of physical touch to bring out the best in your relationship. Whether you're helping a partner with aches and pains or looking to foster intimacy, Massage for Couples will teach you time-honored techniques from around the world that have made massage a staple for relaxation and relationship longevity since ancient times. Begin by gaining confidence in using your hands to provide a healing touch. Then discover guided massage sequences to soothe, inspire, uplift, relax, or resolve a specific pain point. Support your partner’s well-being and enjoy a healthy, enriching way to spend quality time together. Inside Massage for Couples, you’ll find: * Naturally healing together―Practice a holistic method of experiencing pleasure and providing relief from stress and fatigue. * Body wisdom―Educate yourself on some light biology and anatomy lessons that will help you refine your skills and give truly transformative, bliss-inspiring massages. * Comfort and connection―Master instructions for resolving specific aches and pains as well as tips for connecting with a partner emotionally. * Learn the healing power of touch to promote wellness and heighten intimacy with Massage for Couples. The couple that touches each other stays together! And not just stays, but THRIVES. Cultivate MASSAGE into your Couple Culture today. Don't forget to get your favorite oils or lotions for added pleasure! (Link to one of our massage oils).

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Hi, I'm Gaby

I have Masters degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance and 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, it is my own “messy-to-magical” marriage that allows my relationship guidance to be so spot on. My innovative methods are fiercely forward focused, gently shifting any negativity into concrete action steps. I'm a wiz at supporting couples in not just digging themselves out of a relationship ditch, but cultivating a couple culture of "aiming for awesome".

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