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Erotic Escape Room

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EROTIC ROOM - ESCAPE GAME -EROTIC GAMES FOR COUPLES - EROTIC GAMES You and your partner are searching the internet for something special to spice up your date night. You find a mysterious room called the red secret where your imagination as a couple can run wild. But before you can get in this very exclusive room, you have to prove that you are eligible to participate. You have to solve a set of erotic challenges in less than 60 minutes in order to get an invitation. Can you go beyond your limits and complete this challenge? Print and play Escape Room, it's that simple. This printable game is ideal for couples. Difficulty level: intermediate, designed for adults looking for a slightly challenging game. The objective is to solve 6 puzzles and complete 6 erotic missions that will give you each coupon. The goal is to finish all 6 puzzles and 6 erotic missions in less than 60 minutes… but it won't be easy because you also have to complete erotic missions and they could make you lose time but it could also be very pleasant… This escape game was designed for one team of a maximum of 2 people. This lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. Based on players’ experience and skills The game is designed to print and play, you just need a color printer, some paper and scissors. The game is designed to be played without knowing the details of the game before you start playing. To download you will receive: 1. GAME AND INSTRUCTIONS, Includes starter manual and the whole game to print. 2. TIPS TO HELP if you get stuck 3. SOLUTIONS ----* YOU WILL NEED *---- • A color printer or printing service. • Scissors are essential. • A cellphone or computer with an internet connection. • 20 minutes to set up the game and get ready.

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