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🔥 Are you ready to heat up the bedroom and try some new things? These high quality bedroom game cards are sure to get you talking, get you in the mood and add tons of spice to the bedroom! Card deck includes four categories: Romance, Foreplay, Heavy foreplay and Hot and Heavy. These cards are for 18 years+. No nudity. You will never find anything that contains graphic images in our products. You can feel safe knowing that this bedroom game was created by Marriage and Sex Experts. This bedroom game is made to help you get communicating inside the bedroom while trying new ideas in a comfortable way, and... will make your sex and intimacy AMAZING!. Here is how the game works: 1. Decide how many cards you are going to use for each level (section) and how long you are going to spend for each action. You can either estimate or use a timer on your phone. 2. Couples take turns choosing a card and answer the question or perform the action on the card. You can customize the game play by each picking the cards beforehand without your spouse seeing what you are picking, and those actions will come up in the game... or just use the cards for a random game. Don't like one of the cards? No worries just skip and move onto the next. - PINK actions are for the wife to do to the husband - BLUE actions are for the husband to do to the wife - PURPLE actions are for both to do to each other Actions will go back and forth focusing on each other and build intense passion and make sexual intimacy AMAZING! See how long you can make it in the game :) ❤️ Having good and strong sexual intimacy is very important and creates stronger emotional intimacy as well. It is important to talk about things you like or desire in the bedroom and this game is a great way to open up the discussion and really get to know each other on a passionate level.

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