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Better together deck

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✅ HEARTFELT COUPLES CARD GAMES: Spend time with honest feelings and build a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our Intimacy Deck. Whether you're newly dating or married celebrating your 20th anniversary, this set of 100 thought-provoking conversations prompts is designed to spark meaningful discussion, deepen understanding of one another, and bring a greater sense of closeness ✅ COUPLE CONVERSATION CARDS: A perfect game for couples and intimate date night, these Conversation Cards cultivate a meaningful human connection in a world driven by the digital. There's no screens, no complicated rules, just each other ✅ GAMES FOR COUPLES 2 PLAYER: Psychologists discovered intimacy between two strangers could be accelerated by answering a specific series of personal questions. The prompts cover various topics including family, romantic relationships, past memories, dreams, secrets and goals to jumpstart the conversation ✅ REIGNITE YOUR LOVE: These love language cards help you celebrate why you fell in love in the first place. Cultivate connection on anniversaries, holidays, special dates, or simply whenever love is in the air ✅ MEMORABLE GIFTS FOR COUPLES: This game is a perfect couples gift for wedding showers, anniversaries, Valentine's Day or Christmas stocking. The Date Night Cards are made from thick card stock with lamination to be enjoyed and return for years to come

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Hi, I'm Gaby

I have Masters degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance and 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, it is my own “messy-to-magical” marriage that allows my relationship guidance to be so spot on. My innovative methods are fiercely forward focused, gently shifting any negativity into concrete action steps. I'm a wiz at supporting couples in not just digging themselves out of a relationship ditch, but cultivating a couple culture of "aiming for awesome".

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