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4 Packs Indoor/Outdoor Changing Lights

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It's a 4 Packs 25W RGB Color Changing LED Flood Lights. It has 2 Pcs 21-Key Remote Controllers (39.3ft/12m sensing distance & 360°sensing angle). With its remote control, you can control the floodlight for your favorite color, mode, color cycling speeds, and brightness. There are 12 colors and 2 modes (FLASH/SMOOTH) available, 6 levels of brightness (25%-40%-55%-70%-85%-100%), and the color-changing speed adjustable. LED floodlights have smart timing and memory functions. You can press the 2H / 4H / 6H key in any mode, indicating that the led light will automatically turn off after it works 2 /4 /6 hours (flash 2 times after pressing the timing keys means it starts timing). The floodlights will stay at the last setting you choose and no need to reset them. It is IP66 waterproof and dustproof, the LED floodlight is made of die-cast aluminum and tempered glass that are durable enough to withstand rain, sleet, snow, or any harsh environment. It has an ultra-large heat sink with excellent heat dissipation. The die-cast aluminum housing and efficient cooling design make it more durable and reliable. With a 180° adjustable lamp body, it can be installed on the ceiling, wall, ground, etc. The outdoor led lights are very easy to install, no need for wiring just simply plug it in. It is great outdoor and indoor color light for parties, garden, yard, wedding, landscape, stage, aisle, porch, patio, etc.

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