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365 Days of Kink: A Journal of Sexy Self-Discovery

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“All the freaky people make the beauty of the world”. Michaael Franti Spearhead Let your freak flag fly! Yeah, baby! Your desires mean something good about you! No matter where you are in your sex life, you’re just getting started. There are endless ways to explore your desires, pleasure, and boundaries and this book/journal is a great one. What’s kinky for you? For your beloved? Do you want to explore but are not sure what to try? If you’re ready to unlock the keys to your biggest BDSM fantasies, then this kink journal is for you! Designed to be used at ANY time of the year, these 365 questions and prompts are the perfect roadmap to build intimacy and take your kinky relationship to the next level. You can go through them daily or skip around to the ones that speak to your specific fetishes and kinks. Dive deep into topics like service submission, role-playing, BDSM titles, impact play, figuring out your kinky persona, aftercare and so much more. - Maybe you have fantasies but haven’t been sure how to talk about them or to live them out in the real world. - Maybe you know what turns you on but aren’t sure where your boundaries are. - Maybe you want to go deeper in your kinky play but are looking for a little guidance. This insightful journal from Kink Academy, the web’s leading resource for adult sexuality education, helpfully addresses every aspect of BDSM, from specific acts to incorporating your kinky identity into your daily life - IF you so choose. This journal has something for everyone--newbie or long-time kinkster, dominant, submissive, or switch. You can use your answers to help guide you toward your next scene or simply to get clear on what you want out of BDSM. Come away from these exercises with a deeper understanding of your erotic wants and needs. Your sex life will be all the hotter for it. Give yourself a roadmap to kinky pleasure every day of the year!

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