Move On or Move FORWARD?

That was NO fun at all! Arguing rarely is, right? It might have even gotten a little ugly there for a moment too.

Now that the fight is “over,” if you’re like most people, you’re just glad it’s over, grateful you managed to get through it.

Now you just want to put it behind you, forget about it and MOVE ON.

Moving ON might be terribly tempting, yet moving FORWARD is faaaaaaaaaar more faaaaaaaaabulous.

Okay, so how do you do that? Try out this Peace Practice, we call “Argument Even-Better-If-ing.”You might be familiar with our Romp Recap tip for How to Keep the SexDirty – AFTER.

Live and love from a clear VISION of what you want, THEN look at the “problems” ONLY as to how they get in the way of what you really want.

Live and love from a clear vision of what you want, THEN look at the “problems” ONLY as to how they might get in the way of what you really want.

Wouldn't it be easier, more enjoyable and so much less draining to focus on SOLUTIONS rather than getting "stuck in the muck" or dissecting dramas?

Can you imagine the difference in your relationship and day to day life if you were focused as allies aiming for awesome rather than adversaries at odds over every little thing?

When one beloved blames, the other beloved defends. It’s relationship math. Then you’re on a slippery slope that can easily turn a misunderstanding or bad day into a messy fight with deep and lasting impact.


Creating a For Better Love Marriage Map sets your relationship up for a major shift from fixing problems as adversaries to aiming for awesome as ALLIES.


Create more play, peace and passion in your relationship. Lean in to LOVING BETTER!

ENOUGH "problem pathologizing".  Embark on a guided adventure that will keep you focused on what you want and stop you from wasting your finite energy on arguing about everything you DON’T want. The problems will get handled. Just from a different perspective - as obstacles to the actual goal, not the problems being the focus themselves.

hold hands

The Problem with Focusing on Problems

It is normal, natural and even understandable to want to fix what isn’t working. Yet it can often be draining, polarizing and detrimental to what you actually want. Focusing on problems is an unhealthy habit and there is a price to pay.

Blaming, shaming, complaining and criticizing

Your communication is adversarial and pulls you apart

Fear + frustration are the norm - the fights are “dirty”

Not hot for each other - the sex is “clean” or rare

In for your own happiness - winning is for one

Feeling unsafe, unaccepted or unappreciated

Not trusting each other

Sad / hopeless over the state of your relationship

Others notice the quality of your love - your relationship is a source of embarrassment. (“That” couple)

Don’t like each other or your life very much

The Benefits to Aiming
for Awesome

While those behaviors on the left are all way too common, they are not helpful nor enjoyable.  It takes something to shift from fixing a problem to aiming for awesome, yet the rewards are immense.

Problem solving is a natural byproduct of your efforts

Your communication brings you together  as allies

The fights are “clean”

You’re hot for each other and the sex is “dirty”

You prioritize BOTH. It’s win-win or no deal

You express yourself fully and feel fully accepted

You feel seen, heard, appreciated and cared about

You trust each other

Others notice the quality of your love - your relationship is a source of inspiration. (“It” couple)

You like each other and your life

If you want to...

Like each other/like your life

Problem solving/fights clean

Hot for each other/sexy dirty

Care for each other

See & accept/embrace each other

Trust each other

For others/what it looks like "IT Couple"

If you're tired of...

Don't like each other/don't like your life

Fears, frustrations / dirty fights

Not hot for each other / (sex clean)

Not caring about each other's happiness

Not feeling safe / accepted / appreciated

Not trusting each other


Take a moment (and a DEEP BREATH), to acknowledge yourself, your partner and your relationship. 

Identify your ideal relationship, see where your ideals align, then build a map, writing meaningful goals and relationship mantra.

“Very quick and memorable testimonial from one of your clients.”

Customer name
Job title, company

It takes intention and attention to be PRO-ACTIVE and move TOWARDS what you want in relationship, because as humans, we are designed AND conditioned to REACT to what’s coming at us. Most often, when this happens, we tend to defend, protect or lash out. Or a combo of all that and then some!

“Very quick and memorable testimonial from one of your clients.”

Customer name
Job title, company

Our very survival has been based on our ability to evaluate and judge what was coming at us and react (usually fight, flight or freeze) – or die.

Certainly judgement and the fight, flight or freeze response can be healthy in key challenges, yet it’s WAY overused in today’s day-and-age, especially in relationships.

There are so many paths to be PRO-ACTIVE. The key is to engage your intention, attention and action NOW.

Enjoy intimacy that evolves and expands year after year - rather than building walls between you by bickering day after day.

Don't wait for an argument, problem or tension to surface. INVEST in your relationship NOW and give it the attention it needs and deserves, BEFORE it's demanded of you... often at the worst time possible.

Rather than a settling for a PROBLEMATIC pairing, live into a PRO-ACTIVE  partnership!

Break the habit of blaming, shaming or complaining. Lean into Loving Better by aiming for awesome today. Create YOUR relationship vision then turn your lofty goals into everyday realities.

Here's what you'll get:
Go full out for personalized support with 4, sessions PLUS the merging/editing AND a pack of powerful prompts.
Masterclass / Live Recording
Orientation / Welcome video
PLAYbook with step by step instructions
For Better Love Club FB Group
Membership to the For Better Love Page
Access to all 90+ past episodes of Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV
Fights Clean Sex Dirty Tool Kit Starter Pack
4 personalized 90 min. coaching sessions
Session summary check-in SMS and emails
Merging of individual visions into a shared one
Condense your extensive vision into a meaningful “mantra”
Goals fleshed out and set up for any three priority areas.
Access to text Gaby for coaching at any time during the engagement period
Personalized Prompts:
- Mantra manifestation video
- Shared relationship mantra on a magnet set
- Screen-saver with visions, mantra, and goals
Frequently Asked Questions
What makes this Full Limo Ride option special compared to the other options?

With the Full Limo Ride, you get the best of the best of everything on this program. You’ll get 4 personalized coaching sessions with Gaby, access to text her at any time and she does the merging and condensing for/with you. PLUS extras like a personal vision video created for you, a Fights Clean, Sex Dirty Tool Kit filled with fabulous fun, personalized magnets of your vision as well as screensavers of your vision and goals.

How can I get the best out of this program?

Show up. Lean in. Focus on what you want, (not what you don’t want). Have fun.

Do you provide payment plans?

Yes, this program qualifies to break payment up into two months, half to start, half before we finish, with a small processing fee.

Can we get a refund if we're unable to attend the sessions?

If you can’t make a session, Gaby can usually reschedule if you have notified her in advance.  Still, For Better Love offers a 100% money back guarantee. NOTE: Not once has someone asked for a refund!

Did we miss your question? Contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


create your personalized for better love marriage map

Create Your Personalized
For Better Love Marriage Map

Create Your Personalized For Better Love Marriage Map



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